Porta Verde Resort

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Open up your eyes to an inviting beauty of nature, wherein the sun shines brightest, the trees grow at its finest and the cool breeze of fresh air is at its best. Indeed nature's priceless glamour is at its peak at one of the country's world-class designed resort in Cavinti Laguna.... a portal to ultimate relaxation..... PORTA VERDE.  


Porta Verde is an exclusive resort that caters to the highest standard of fun and relaxation whether you are just simply looking for a laid back type of pampering or an active lifestyle and fun happenings, Porta Verde is a complete resort in a secluded and private space that offers great amenities such ah Infinity Pool, Artistically-designed Cabanas and Massage Huts that promise great bonding moments for families and friends. Great memories will surely fill up your stay at Porta Verde as i will allow you to experience and indulge in fun activities such as boating, fishing, jet skiing and wake boarding.... truly, the fun possibilities at Porta Verde are endless. ×